West 70th, Edina Roundabout Project

Last fall, it was announced that Northwest Asphalt, Inc. would be the contractor for the major engineering project taking place on 70th Street in Edina between France Avenue and Highway 100.   So, what is it & when is it going to be done anyway?

This project, broken into three phases, would provide additional roundabouts on 70th Street, improve sidewalks & bike paths, and install new & upgraded traffic signals set to be done in November 2011.  All in conjunction to the existing roundabouts and lush landscaping, this project–particularly the roundabouts–will not only enhance the residences along side it, but help ease the flow of traffic away from the homes.   See the complete rendering here.

Working so close to the area, I decided to document the final progress:

East side of 70th, near France intersection: roundabout complete

Additional view of curbs and roundabout

Further West, the Intersection of West Shore Dr. & 70th is slated for later construction

Perhaps after the artery has been closed down for a significant time, drivers will have familiarized themselves with alternative routes…  but here’s to hoping. I’ll report back as changes continue with the construction.  Until then, I propose Edina provides a class instruction on the concept of roundabout driving.


One response to “West 70th, Edina Roundabout Project

  1. Love your article and pictures re the status of the 70th street construction, very informative! p.s. I love roundabouts!!

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